Monday, April 13, 2009

I Know What's Been Missing!

Random-ness. That is what's been missing from my blog. Here's the comeback.

There's nothing better than a 6 dollar and 24 cent dress from Target. No Siree. Oh wait, yes there is. It's when you tell people you got your dress for 6 dollars and 24 cents. Awww snap!

No matter how much money you save, it doesn't make sense to buy two gallons of milk for 3.29. It ends up in the sink, down down down the drain.

Since when did it become less expensive to buy a new vacuum instead of getting the little filter that goes inside aforementioned vacuum. Vultures.

I still haven't put together a PowerPoint presentation from my Israel trip. Too. Many. Pictures. It stresses me out.

I like to blog about random things.

Target has very cute aprons for 14.99. If I wore a pretty dress when I cooked in the kitchen, I might actually care about protecting it. But since I like to cook in a) my bathrobe b) my PJS or c) my disco diva oufit, it just really doesn't pay.

The only way I am ever getting on a plane again is if I have my own personal turbo-jet. And onlyif they serve me at least two packs of peanuts. Because really, how is six peanuts enough for one person.

I hope that Facebook starts charging people money for its services. Then I can finally deactivate my account for good. And then do something else for good.

Whoever invented squishy baby legs is a genius.

No matter how many lipglosses I already have, there are still lonely ones begging me to buy them. Especially the flavored ones. Hello my darling vanilla cake batter lip smacker, I LUV you.

I really need to post about my NYC trip but again, too. many. pictures.

I love Spring. Hearing the birds, seeing blue sky, and rolling down the windows makes me euphoric.

Teeniebopper movies make me happy. I will embrace the stigma that comes with loving these types of movies. Cheeseballs unite!


  1. Love it. Really love you and truly makes my day with your randomness!

  2. I love this post! I agree with you on the squishy baby legs and the spring! I think I need to come over and see your NYC pics. That place is so much fun!

  3. Ooopppss...I just bought a dress at Target for $6.24.

  4. I love you randomness, thanks for sharing! Your family and friends are lucky, lucky, lucky to have you. (Even though I'm not saying one more incriminating thing you can post.) Love, Mom