Tuesday, April 28, 2009

13 Years Difference Isn't THAT Much.

17 Again. Hit or Miss? I'd say HIT. I'd even say HIT OUTTA DA PARK. In short, I loved it.

  • Slow motion of Zac walking into high school in a leather jacket and sunglasses.
  • Hearing the audience (tweens) sigh and moon over this 21 year old.
  • Funny, light hearted movie.
  • Hilarious side kick roommate for Zac.
  • Chastity was encouraged. Zac was giving a lecture to a bunch of girls on waiting and finding the right person. They swooned.
  • Zac's love of older women in real life.
  • Zac was a pretty darn good actor and did well in comedic situations.
  • On the way to the movie V and I stopped at a gas station for treats. Two older rough looking men were behind the counter and we told them we were going to see Zac Efron. Blank stares ensued.
  • There was zero singing in this movie.
  • There was zero Vanessa Hudgens.


  • Chandler playing the older Zac. Eww. Zac and the mom had more chemistry than they did (observation by V).
  • Not enough Zac (ok, I'm totally kidding).
  • Wayyyy too much armpit hair for me to handle.
  • Zac's character practiced the opposite of what he preached.

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