Tuesday, March 31, 2009

This is what happens when you see Jaws at too young an age...


Freaky fact #1: The starring actress in the movie is named Marla.

Freaky fact #2: The movie was released on October 15 (my birthday).

Coincidence? I think not!

I'm telling you, sharks are after me!

Even looking at the picture of this shark in the water makes my heart rate go up.

When I was in Hawaii, we went snorkeling to find some sea turtles. I had to take my glasses off to put on the mask which turned out to be a bad combination: blind with an overactive imagination. It took me forever to get enough gumption to get in the water. I finally did and swam as fast as I could to the rest of the group. Trying to be brave, I put my head in the water and all I see is a shark, coming right at me, and at a very fast pace. I threw up my head and started screaming shark, mingled with a few other choice words which traveled through the breathing tube up into the beautiful Hawaiian air. Did I mention that I was vacationing with the Bishop's family? Um... yeah.

So a few nights ago, I had nightmares of swimming in the ocean, surrounded by sharks. One of them bit down on my hand without breaking the skin, and then swam away. And then I woke up. What could that possibly mean? That I'm going to meet a nice shark someday? That we will become friends, maybe raise a family of shark babies together?

I did a little research after my dream to alleviate my fears. I wanted to find out what the odds were - and if they were in my favor. It appears that death by shark is not something to be afraid of. However, now I'm a bit more concerned about heart disease, cancer, and my driving (wars, not so much, I know karate).

Just in case you want to be prepared should you ever find yourself in a compromising position, click here for some useful information.


  1. I love you and how you always make my day with your posts. I wish I was nearly as creative as you:)

  2. Is this for me, Marla ??? Just because I am going to DR ???? That so sweet of ou :)