Monday, March 23, 2009

Signs of a Bad Economy

Old Navy has resorted to using mannequins that talk in place of real actors on their commercials.

Starbucks is selling their baked goods for one dollar if you buy a large drink.

People are making money by putting ads on their blogs and doing giveaways. Just one more opportunity to advertise to people (as if we didn't already have enough in radio, tv, and billboards).

Episodes on TV are skipping weeks. You have to wait longer to have more episodes. LOST - why are you killing me softly! (Side note, I got a spam email from someone named Desmond? Coincidence? I think not!)

Rewards on everything. In my parents day, when you spent money, you just spent money. Yet another thing that is helping this generation feel more like they deserve it all.

People are staying in and playing video games. At home! With their families! Even teenagers. What has the world come to.

When the printer is less expensive than the printer cartridge, that means trouble.

Car dealerships advertising 'buy one car, get another free'. Are. You. Kidding me.

Twinkies hardly EVER go on sale anymore. What. The Crap.

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