Monday, March 9, 2009

No Matter How Old I Get

I will never outgrow:

In no particular order:

Lik-a-maid. Mmm that sugar white stick at the end.

Crackerjack prize. It's always crappy but it's still fun to open

Bubble tape. All that pink squishy goodness that fits in one tiny case.

Swinging. I don't care if i'm 80 and my hips are 10 miles wide, I'm still hopping on.

Video games. I'm talking vintage ones, the classics. None of this guitar hero, dance dance revolution, mario kart crap. I'm a video game purist.

Happy Meals - of any variety. It's especially fun when you are at Wendy's and order a Happy Meal and the kid with a uniform somehow makes you feel stupid by saying 'we don't have those, those are only at McDonalds lady' when they know full well you want a kids meal.

New crayons. Lovely new crayons. With the sharpener. It reeks of childhood lost and gone forever.

Cocoa pebbles. Because putting chocolate in breakfast cereal was a genius idea.

Candy necklaces. Especially for the fact that when you lick them and then put them back against your neck you get a free tatoo.

Muppets. Because Muppets are so very muppety.
Lite Brite. Because that's what I got for my 29th birthday from my Aunt Loda, because she gets it.


  1. The 80s must have been a good decade for you! They also had some pretty great music.

  2. I love how you stay young at heart! And I love all of those things from my childhood too--just today I was watching muppet clips on youtube and I couldn't stop smiling.