Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Dad and Me - We can Talk about Anything.

Marla: How was your Up North trip?

Dad: I found a deer leg up on the roof.

Marla: Oh really. How'd it get there?

Dad: Hunting season gets pretty crazy! Those deer will jump just about anywhere to get away from the gunshots!

Marla: I see...

Dad: Or maybe, another animal started eating it and then hopped up on the roof to store it.

Marla: Fascinating. Are we really having an entire conversation about a deer leg?

PS These candle sticks are a travesty. But they look better than some of the other deer parts pictures that popped up on google so I really think you got the better end of the deal.


  1. Cool story Marla. I made the girls do a campus clean up the other day, and while we were picking up trash we found some deer remains. It was pretty gnarly. Those candle sticks are pretty awesome, things like that turn a house into a home.

  2. Who uses the term "gnarly"?

  3. An entire conversation about a deer leg? Try an entire three days on the north shore discussing the mystery of the deer leg on the roof. Rocked my world. NOT.

  4. it's kind of hilarious.
    all the anonymous comments totally identify themselves.

    - MK (too lazy to log in)