Saturday, March 14, 2009

How to Get Kickin Seats for Cheap to a Broadway Show

1) Live in Minnesota
2) Drive to Minneapolis
3) Find cheap parking
4) Charm the ticket guy
5) Get 20 dollar seats to see Fiddler on the Roof with the world famous Topol
6) Smile, cry, clap your guts out and thoroughly enjoy the show

"L'Chaim," To Life!
PS My drink was the water.

I sure wish that I had gotten a picture of the boy in the ticket booth.

Here was our conversation:

Ticket boy: Here are the available seats.

Joyce: What would you do?

Marla: Joyce, he's not Jesus!

Joyce: What?

Ticket boy: HAAAAAAAAA ha ha ha hA HAAAA!

Ticket boy: You just made me laugh so hard that my manager says we are giving you a discount. You can have both seats for 40 bucks.

Marla: L'Chaim!


  1. I went and saw fiddler also! It was AMAZING!!!

  2. Your witty comments are finally enabling you to get your thrifty deals in life!

  3. Ahaha - you're funny. Way to go! You gals got a sweet deal. Sounds like a great time.