Tuesday, March 31, 2009

This is what happens when you see Jaws at too young an age...


Freaky fact #1: The starring actress in the movie is named Marla.

Freaky fact #2: The movie was released on October 15 (my birthday).

Coincidence? I think not!

I'm telling you, sharks are after me!

Even looking at the picture of this shark in the water makes my heart rate go up.

When I was in Hawaii, we went snorkeling to find some sea turtles. I had to take my glasses off to put on the mask which turned out to be a bad combination: blind with an overactive imagination. It took me forever to get enough gumption to get in the water. I finally did and swam as fast as I could to the rest of the group. Trying to be brave, I put my head in the water and all I see is a shark, coming right at me, and at a very fast pace. I threw up my head and started screaming shark, mingled with a few other choice words which traveled through the breathing tube up into the beautiful Hawaiian air. Did I mention that I was vacationing with the Bishop's family? Um... yeah.

So a few nights ago, I had nightmares of swimming in the ocean, surrounded by sharks. One of them bit down on my hand without breaking the skin, and then swam away. And then I woke up. What could that possibly mean? That I'm going to meet a nice shark someday? That we will become friends, maybe raise a family of shark babies together?

I did a little research after my dream to alleviate my fears. I wanted to find out what the odds were - and if they were in my favor. It appears that death by shark is not something to be afraid of. However, now I'm a bit more concerned about heart disease, cancer, and my driving (wars, not so much, I know karate).

Just in case you want to be prepared should you ever find yourself in a compromising position, click here for some useful information.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

What the Sap?!

Guess who went here with Jake, Chloe & Megan.

What a fun day!

We trudged through the forest following a little elf like man named Ken. He showed us where to find the best trees to get sap to make syrup. We took our little buckets and filled them up, brought them back to the big boiling cauldron and poured it in.

Apparently, there is an entire little city right in the lovely backyard of Shakopee, very similar to Nauvoo. They had little houses we could tour, a horse drawn carriage and people in old-time costumes. We saw how they made candy with the sugar and you couldn't rip the cup of sugar out of Chloe's tight grasp. I now see how the phrase 'sugar lips' was coined. See Megan's blog here. I love the photos she took. Especially the one with Chloe putting up her two little fingers during the presentation and saying "I'm two!".

Monday, March 23, 2009

Tween for a Night

Twilight + Teen = Tween

We started with a Twilight quiz. Then ate some yummy food. Giggled and laughed and commented throughout the movie. And a wee bit of drooling escaped as we watched Edward. All in all, it was a fabulous make-believe vampire filled night.

PS For peace of mind sake, I'd just like to say that the book was about seven and a half million times better than the movie.

Signs of a Bad Economy

Old Navy has resorted to using mannequins that talk in place of real actors on their commercials.

Starbucks is selling their baked goods for one dollar if you buy a large drink.

People are making money by putting ads on their blogs and doing giveaways. Just one more opportunity to advertise to people (as if we didn't already have enough in radio, tv, and billboards).

Episodes on TV are skipping weeks. You have to wait longer to have more episodes. LOST - why are you killing me softly! (Side note, I got a spam email from someone named Desmond? Coincidence? I think not!)

Rewards on everything. In my parents day, when you spent money, you just spent money. Yet another thing that is helping this generation feel more like they deserve it all.

People are staying in and playing video games. At home! With their families! Even teenagers. What has the world come to.

When the printer is less expensive than the printer cartridge, that means trouble.

Car dealerships advertising 'buy one car, get another free'. Are. You. Kidding me.

Twinkies hardly EVER go on sale anymore. What. The Crap.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Dad and Me - We can Talk about Anything.

Marla: How was your Up North trip?

Dad: I found a deer leg up on the roof.

Marla: Oh really. How'd it get there?

Dad: Hunting season gets pretty crazy! Those deer will jump just about anywhere to get away from the gunshots!

Marla: I see...

Dad: Or maybe, another animal started eating it and then hopped up on the roof to store it.

Marla: Fascinating. Are we really having an entire conversation about a deer leg?

PS These candle sticks are a travesty. But they look better than some of the other deer parts pictures that popped up on google so I really think you got the better end of the deal.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Twilight Before Christmas

Click here.
I just can't help myself.

Really, I can't.

Does this change the fact that I will be watching the Twilight DVD when it comes out on Saturday? No way. Twilight, I love you no matter what. Love, Marla

Monday, March 16, 2009

Our Future

Boys, on the most lovely of Saturday mornings since last Spring, serving lunch for the Women's conference. A sight to behold indeed.

Ethan, Craig, Chad, Adam, Chancy, Jace, Spencer, Preston + voluteering on a Saturday morning = a spot in the CK to be sure. Or at the very least, they are on their way.

Just look at them go!

Sadly, I did not get any pictures of them stuffing their faces with cakes and sandwiches when no one was looking. There's always next year.

I couldn't help but beam with pride watching these young men go to work. If it's true what they say that the young people are our future, then I'd say it's so bright I gotta squint to see.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

How to Get Kickin Seats for Cheap to a Broadway Show

1) Live in Minnesota
2) Drive to Minneapolis
3) Find cheap parking
4) Charm the ticket guy
5) Get 20 dollar seats to see Fiddler on the Roof with the world famous Topol
6) Smile, cry, clap your guts out and thoroughly enjoy the show

"L'Chaim," To Life!
PS My drink was the water.

I sure wish that I had gotten a picture of the boy in the ticket booth.

Here was our conversation:

Ticket boy: Here are the available seats.

Joyce: What would you do?

Marla: Joyce, he's not Jesus!

Joyce: What?

Ticket boy: HAAAAAAAAA ha ha ha hA HAAAA!

Ticket boy: You just made me laugh so hard that my manager says we are giving you a discount. You can have both seats for 40 bucks.

Marla: L'Chaim!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I told you getting mail was fun.

Nikki, dearest Nikki,
A girl never had so much fun in her life, opening up a package. Complete with the most perfect props and the yummiest treats. Add one camera with an automatic timer = instant party. It should've been illegal, that's how much fun. xoxxoXx

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Vergas, MN: A little town with BIG heart

How awesome does this sound?

"Bring the family and join in the fun. Tour the Sugar Houses and see how the sap turns into golden maple syrup. Enjoy your pancakes with PURE maple syrup. Watch the craft makers demonstrate their skills. Participate in our 4th Annual Flapjack Run/Walk. Be sure to have a cone of maple sugar cotton candy."

Vergas! I knew I loved you before I met you!
Check out these hotties!

Monday, March 9, 2009

No Matter How Old I Get

I will never outgrow:

In no particular order:

Lik-a-maid. Mmm that sugar white stick at the end.

Crackerjack prize. It's always crappy but it's still fun to open

Bubble tape. All that pink squishy goodness that fits in one tiny case.

Swinging. I don't care if i'm 80 and my hips are 10 miles wide, I'm still hopping on.

Video games. I'm talking vintage ones, the classics. None of this guitar hero, dance dance revolution, mario kart crap. I'm a video game purist.

Happy Meals - of any variety. It's especially fun when you are at Wendy's and order a Happy Meal and the kid with a uniform somehow makes you feel stupid by saying 'we don't have those, those are only at McDonalds lady' when they know full well you want a kids meal.

New crayons. Lovely new crayons. With the sharpener. It reeks of childhood lost and gone forever.

Cocoa pebbles. Because putting chocolate in breakfast cereal was a genius idea.

Candy necklaces. Especially for the fact that when you lick them and then put them back against your neck you get a free tatoo.

Muppets. Because Muppets are so very muppety.
Lite Brite. Because that's what I got for my 29th birthday from my Aunt Loda, because she gets it.