Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What about Bob?

Bob Wiley: Mrs. M., this corn is simply scrumptious. Is it hand-shucked?
Olesya had never seen the movie What about Bob. For me, this is like sinning. It's a sin to not see this movie. She repented as she watched it. I made sure to show her the part where Bob is eating dinner with Dr. Leo Marvin's family. And I said, Look Olesya, this is you eating at my family's house last night. She was mortifed but really she should have been flattered. I mean, who wouldn't want to be like Bob Wiley? MMMMmmmm.... Mmmmm..... Mmmmmm!!!
My mom's lovely raspberry salad.

Little Amy Larson! No longer a Larson. What a beautiful wedding. I love this picture of her. It was 19 degrees out with a cold, blustery wind but love kept them warm (I just threw up in my mouth a little).
Here is Jeff, Matthew (I heart his style - blue ruffle shirt and awesome General Authority glasses) and Olesya.
This is Olesya taking away my turle chocolate cake at Cafe Latte. I think next time she comes to town I'm going to take her to White Castle. A After a couple of sliders, I'll take her to the MOA and we'll go on the Sponge Bob Square Pants ride. That'll teach her to mess with my cake.

This was happy Marla. Before the Great Cake Takeover.

And this is a view of Olesya's purse during church. Hmmm... I wonder who should take away something from someone now...

Don't worry, she shared with me. Chocolate (especially good chocolate) makes church much more delicious.

We had yummy cinnamon bread french toast with strawberries and raspberries for breakfast with my fabulous new green retro dishes (TJ Maxx is my zen).

It was a fabulous weekend. Olesya is now back in New York, missing Minnesota. She can't go on and on about the stars or the fresh air or the large department stores. She will be hustling and bustling, somehow managing to "tolerate" Rockefeller center, delicious cheesecake around the clock, the Brooklyn Bridge and of course the Muppet factory at FAO Schwartz. The grass is always greener! Until next time dear Olesya!


  1. This is great Marla!! It was a Lovely weekend!! Really!! And you are Lovely Host!! Just learn to spell my name correctly, ok? :)
    Love you Much!!!

  2. i fixed it i fixed it!
    it's all because you won't let me call you "O".
    happy birthday O! have a fabulous day!

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  4. WHAT! You had CHOCOLATE during church? Dang. I should have been sitting with you instead of right behind you.

    But now I am scared of stealing anything chocolate fron you.....

  5. hilarious! I can't believe LITTLE Amy is married and I can't believe that you ate a piece of chocolate cake!
    I take that back. YES I CAN believe it!(both)