Monday, February 2, 2009

That Perfect Gift

Have you ever gotten a gift that you would've picked out yourself? Like say you were just at Target, admiring a kelly green patterned coat and it called your name but then you looked at the orange price tag that screamed too much so you put it back. A dear seminary team teacher handed me a neatly knotted Target bag the other day. As I ripped it open and saw the aforementioned coat looking back at me, I shrieked.

Then, of course, I had to look at the tag to see if she got it for less than the price I had seen.... which she did. Atta girl!

I'm not sure what made me more happy, to actually get the coat or to see that she got a better bargain.

** The following is a little shout out to the best bargain shopper I have ever met. She's got amazing radar. Here's a shirt for you Aunt Loda, you deserve it!

Ironic: this t-shirt is 22 dollars. That is a complete rip-off. Loda, I will make you proud and find you another one.

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