Friday, February 20, 2009

My New Fav Six Dolla T's

Click here at your own risk to order shirts. Note, I do not approve of many shirts on this website. Wait... where are you going... I bet you are looking at all the inappropriate shirts now, aren't you. Stop it already!

Ferris, I always knew you would recover.
For Alicia. The girl who's secretly dying bust a move at any moment.
Because it was really the Oregon trail that taught me everything I know about budgeting and not that annoying Suzie Ormond lady.
For Reva & Jeff, who always have tons of megafun in their van.
Back to the Future made my 80's so special.
What's UP DOG?!! ha ha ha
Because this is nicer than I see stupid people.
Because the song that says "She couldn't wait another day for the Captain of her Heart" makes me crack up when I'm in the grocery store.
Because I'm Czech. And being Czech is cool.
For a BYU Cougar jock. Because they are on the hunt.
The ultimate winner: What about Bob Tee. Because that's the kinda phase I'm in right now.

1 comment:

  1. Those t-shirts are making me laugh my head off! My favorite is the Oregon Trail shirt.