Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I Messed with Texas Part III

Remember the movie Miss Congeniality? It was filmed in San Antonio. See how famous Texas is! Riverwalk. We took a boat ride and learned some interesting facts about San Antonio while some worn out sailor kept falling asleep on Andy's lap.

Near the Tower of the Americas. See how the sun shines there in Texas? Lovely.

Tower of the Americas at night. We went to the very top and ran around like kids. Windy!

Rey, George & Andy.

Here is Superman, I mean Andy, and here's Lois Lane who evidently likes to carry a purse when she flies. It was super windy so we decided to geek it out here. I think that was achieved very nicely, don't you?

Have you seen the show 'My Boys'? The boys and I played some addicting card game til 2 a.m. The only thing that was missing was some cigars and some beer or maybe in our case some candy cigarettes and some Dr. Pepper. Don't ask. All you need to know is that I didn't put a quarter in the bull. I just sat it on it. Near the Riverwalk. Here's Kristina, Chade, Andy, Me & Rey.
Remember the Alamo! George tried to explain what happened there and I tried to listen but I really have no idea what happened there.


  1. Who are all these people with Chandy? I've never seen those friends in my life. And now I'm sad you guys didn't call me. Oh well, I'm over it now. Okay, glad you had fun here! Come back to visit soon! -TX Julie

  2. ha ha. it's their "other" friends. others. get it? LOST?
    i wish i would've know you before this! i would've dragged you along. you are my favorite texas girl now. :) i was with all those boys and needed some help holding my own!