Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I Messed With Texas Part II

Some random handsome country boys. This was before they started showing us their backsides.
The boots I didn't get. Someday I'll get the hooker red ones. Just because.

Too bad I wasn't 8. I would've conquered! Instead I let this little kid with chaps give it a whirl.
Is this Mexico or Texas? Sometimes I got confused. The food was amazing! Taco Bell will never be the same again.

Something about drunk armadillos is funny to the people of Texas. This is also the store Chade bought actual Texas bullsh*&, encased in a lovely portable paperweight.

My new favorite pancakes. Pecan. YUM. We went to a place call the Guenther House. Delicious homemade rolls and breakfast foods. We pretended like we were in Europa and stayed there for like 2 hours. Andy and Chade's friend Ray wanted lunch but it wasn't served until 11. So we all just kept eating and then he ordered soup for dessert. Classic.


  1. I'm hungry now . . . but I just ate breakfast!

  2. So glad you're home, and hey, I'm even considering adding a Texas visit to my Bucket List. All I remember is Armadillo in the early hours of the morning, being stopped by one of the city's Finest. I think he was lonesome. But what a ride you had! Great friends, food, weather, sights, sounds and conversation! Love, Mom

  3. em - feed your baby

    mom - seriously? armadillo? are you joking or did you mean amarillo? :)

  4. Mom does speak spanish you know.