Saturday, January 10, 2009

You Gotta Spend Some Time With God

What's with me and the born again channels? I'm not sure. But I really like this lady. She is real and funny and some of the things she said rang true.

She said:

"If you have a strong personality you gotta spend time with God if you are ever gonna to be nice to people.

If you have a lazy personality, you gotta spend time with God or you will do nothing all day.

If you have an easy going personality and you don't want to ruffle anybody's feathers, you gotta spend time with God to get enough guts to confront what you need to confront.

You gotta spend time with God or there's no hope for fulfilling your destiny."

And then she said what I would call the kicker: "If you are too busy for God, then you are definitely too busy."

It's a new year. Everyone is making new year's resolutions. One of my seminary kids kept calling it his new year's revolution. I like that. It's a year to start a revolution. So here I go. Gonna get my revolution on.

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