Thursday, January 8, 2009

If I Only Had a Camera Built Into my Brain...

  • I could show you a picture of Jana, getting the crap scared out of her when we gave ourself a little tour of the St. Paul Cathedral where I decided to hide in the corner in the creepy basement, jump out and said "AHHHHHHHHH!" at the top of my lungs.
  • I could show you a picture of Dan, smiling at me, saying "I appreciate you being here Marla" at random intervals of his visit.
  • I could show you a picture of the deliciosia divine delectable desserts made by Cafe Latte.
  • I could show you a video (a picture would not do justice) of Reva falling down when we were cross country skiing and upon seeing my camera pointed in her direction decided to remove any evidence of falling before I could press the button got up so fast that I thought her butt was on fire.
  • I could show you a video (again, picture = no justice) of this conversation between Chloe, Jacob and me....

Jacob: (pushing Chloe's face)

Chloe: Ow!!!

Marla: Chloe, Jacob is just trying to love you.

Jacob: NO I WASN'T!!

Marla: Dude, I was trying to save you.

Jana had a camera (not built into her brain) when Chloe and Jacob made their first donut in the weird Disney oven that somehow cooks things with icecubes. Below is their pure joy captured in time.


  1. I love when you makes my day. Plus I am sooo jealous about Cafe Latte. Miss you...xoxoxo

  2. Kate and Lilly really want to play with those kids soon. Who got them that oven????? :)