Monday, January 26, 2009

Going South for the Weekend

Top 10 Reasons for a Minnesotan to Visit San Antonio:
10. Big cowboy boots. I could stop right here. This would be cause enough.
9. The Riverwalk. I'm going to fake myself out and pretend I'm in Paris.
8. 57 degrees. FIFTY-SEVEN DEGREES! A 75 degree difference people.
7. To learn to like dogs. There might be a wee bit of screaming and couch jumping.
6. To attend a very fancy San Antonio dinner party.
5. To bedazzle a few jackets and maybe even a jumper.
4. Sun. It's something we haven't seen here in MN for about 3 months.
3. To talk about mission stories and do impressions of President Brown.
2. To find out what really did happen at that Alamo thingy.
1. In case you've missed it, MN has hit -41 below too many d*&^ times.

Here I come San Antonio!

PS I think these boots were made for walkin'!


  1. What? When are you leaving? Who's going with you? Can I come?

  2. I AM SO JEALOUS!!! Can I hide in your luggage?

  3. Oh I love you...I love how you make me laugh so flipping hard!

  4. It's probably too late, but say hi to Garrett's brother and his family if you see them (which has a chance too small to calculate, even if you did know who they are)!