Wednesday, December 17, 2008

STOPHD: Stupid Things Other People Have Done

After all, it doesn't just have to be me doing the stupid things. It can be others. I like to include everyone and not leave anyone out.

The STOPHD example I'd like to christen first happened while I was at Utah State. My fashionable roommate Jill was an ironer. The iron was on the floor and had just been used. She unplugged it and moved it to the side of the room. A boy came over to visit, saw the iron, and thought it would be funny to put the iron on Jill's bare leg (shorts people, she was wearing shorts). I came home, freaked a twinkie when I saw her leg, a very guilty boy with an iron & marched her to the hospital much to her chagrin.

While in the waiting room, I had a very lovely conversation with the boy about how I predicted that Jill would be getting some really nice flowers delivered to her in the near future. Or else.

He was smart (I'll give him that). And send flowers? He sure did. He included a card with a quippy line of "you've been branded by "Tyler" (insert "dorkus" because that's what I did). He thought he was pretty clever. I think Jill still has the scar today as a reminder of our Senior year in college.

Below is a picture very similar to what Jill looked like before the boy arrived. I told you she was fashionable!


  1. Can you freak a twinkie on a boy for me?

  2. Funny - That's just how I remember Jill too!

  3. What exactly does "freaked a twinkie" mean? Did you eat one really fast?

  4. em - yes

    cynthia - i bet that's how jill remembers herself too

    anonymous - you have to ask camille kennard who coined the phrase. :)