Wednesday, December 24, 2008

So Many Christmas Cards, Not Enough Fridge

Hey You Guys! I got a lotta cards this year. A lot! Running out of magnets here people. I feel famous. Like Paula Abdul. Straight up now tell me if you're really going to LOVE ME FOREVER uh-oh-oh or is this a hit and run?!


Thank you for the cards. And the pictures. You and your families are super darling and I wish everyone a very


My Christmas began in October when I had the privilege of walking where Jesus walked. It was a miracle to behold. Indeed there is a Savior. He came. He lives. He will come again.

"I believe that each of us can re-create that familiar scene in Bethlehem in our own lives. We can have a star to follow just as the Wise Men did. 'Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.' The scriptures can light our way, and our testimonies can be a light from within. The voices of angels can be the voices of our beloved prophet and His servants. We can kneel at the feet of our Savior just as literally as the shepherds and the Wise Men, but we do it in prayer. The gifts we bring are our talents. We can shout 'Hosanna' like that angelic choir and spread the good news by bearing our testimonies. Each new day is an opportunity to bind ourselves to act according to what we know. By works of righteousness, we can come to Him each day of our lives just as if we had trod in our sandaled feet the rocky path to Bethlehem, holding a staff or bearing gifts."
-Sister Betty Jo Jepson

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