Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Made in MN with Lotsa Love

Marla: YUM. I love Nut Goodies.
Victoria: WHAT may I ask is a Nut Goodie?
Marla: HELLO! It's this chocolate maple nut piece of goodness that melts in your mouth. Plus, did you know that they are made in St. Paul, MN?
Victoria: Why no, I was not aware.
Marla to herself: I feel a blog coming on.

Pearson's candy company my friends. Headquarters are located in St. Paul, MN. Established in 1909. The saddest thing I found on the website today was this: Sorry, Pearson’s Candy does not offer tours at this time.

Pearson's! How can you not let me wander around inside! Do I have to become a spy and sneak into your place of business and find out your recipes and post them on the internet? Fine, you've been warned.

For a little more history and how the salted nut roll used to be called CHOO CHOO (some marketing genius came up with that no doubt) click here.

And if you want to attempt to make your own nut goodie bar, try this recipe because I'm gonna.

And another favorite of mine from Pearson's. The Salted Nut Roll (seriously marketing people, seriously).


  1. The only thing better than nuts in a can are nuts in a roll!

  2. agreed!!!
    try the homemade ones at the state fair. YUM.

  3. I live right by the Pearson's factory. Jeff was stoked when he found out they made the Salted Nut Roll. Yum! Bummer about the tours. :-(