Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"It was his 65th birthday!" Party with the Haitians!

This video cracks me up (I pray that it's not me singing, I'm pretty sure it's Jana) and makes me cry all at the same time.

Happy Birthday Dad! We are glad you stayed with us!


  1. Lol. I can see where you and your sisters get your sense of humor...I almost choked to death...ha!

  2. I wonder if Jana will think its soo stupid when we sing to her on Sunday. Nice Camera work Marla!

  3. jess - i didn't realize he even said that til your comment! now you know where all of our drama comes home.

    jeffy - i think you should be the one to sing to jana VERY LOUDLY and return the favor.

  4. I think it is a shame that no one else is singing...hello, and by the way he is 66, not 65. Way to know your own dad mar.

  5. oh! that's why you said it was stupid? cuz you were doing a solo and no one else was singing?
    next time i will sing jana. on your cue.
    and i'm sure dad won't be mad that i made him a year younger. as if!