Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas in St. Paul

Joanna and I took a little excursion to St. Paul for Kurt Metzger's Christmas concert. What a fabulous concert it was. We had a little trouble actually finding the Landmark center and when we finally did, the door slammed very loudly behind us. The entire audience, including Kurt at the piano, looked in our direction... and there was nowhere to hide. So we went and got our seats and enjoyed the rest of the concert.

Isn't St. Paul gorgeous in the winter?

And here we are, in the freezing cold, as I fumbled for the camera while Joanna screamed hurry hurry hurry! This is what you get folks. For the record, it was very cold.

We passed this sign as we ran into the parking ramp. Now this is a hot dog! If it would've been open, there would've been a hot dog in my mouth which wouldn't really make for an attractive picture anyway.

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