Sunday, November 2, 2008

Humanity knocked at the door...

And I let him in.

I felt soulful this Halloween. Introspective and thoughtful too.

Isn't it amazing how in a world of hurt, anger, violence and unquestionable stability we come together, open our doors, and share what we have with those we don't know? I think Halloween is inspired. I loved looking into the children's faces and seeing the sparkling eyes and excitement. The fear and pain pushed to the background. A true childhood experience filled with joy. It was a humbling sight to behold.

I watched the parents enjoy being with their children, revelling in each moment. I peeked as they reminded them to say please & thank you and to be gracious with whatever was given to them. A simple reminders of manners.

I witnessed creativity of children (and of parents) in piecing together costumes and the look of pride and accomplishment as they presented themselves to my door.

My halloween costume this year consisted of a green Northwestern sweatshirt and comfy jeans. For one evening I was a Mom. I answered the door as the bell rang(multiple times I might add, some by the same child) and held this newborn baby whose spirit wanted to run out with the rest of the children and join in the fun. My costume was scented with formula and baby's breath, the scent that a mother could recognize anywhere. It was decorated with sleepiness from a long week, yet filled with pure content. And maybe it had a little chocolate on it because every time the door was answered it went 'one for me, one for you'.

My night ended with that sweet little one upon my heart, breathing in and out, peaceful... and dreaming of heaven.

This was the best Halloween ever. No pictures were taken, but the memory might be strong enough to last forever.


  1. Beautifully written, Anne! Love, Diana

  2. Awww, that's nice. I'm glad you had a good Halloween.

  3. This makes my heart happy, Marla! It's nice to be introspective once in a while, eh? I think so. And I approve the "one for me, one for you" method of trick-or-treating. Hey, it's *your* candy, after all!