Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Everyone else was trying it...

This scares me a little - this lovely picture here - because she's flaring her nostrils a. bit. too. much. I wonder if that's a necessary position for the nose in this video. Or maybe when you exercise as much as she does, your nostrils just stay in that flared, slightly freaked out position. Who knows.

On second thought... maybe it's not about the abs, maybe it's about distracting everyone away from your "problem areas"... this just might work. Flare away nostrils, flare away!


  1. ohgosh, all I can say is this post just made me laugh out loud - a needed end to a crazy day.

    Marla, this is why I loved being comps with you. laughs at the end of crazy days!

  2. rachel we should've tried to do this video on our mission. it would've been a hoot. all i remember if you wrapped up in the phone cord and your blue planner - at the end of one of our crazy days. what a insane random fun nightmare. :)