Friday, November 7, 2008

Dear Jesus,

Happy Birthday!



Christmas commercialism has sunk to a new low. I'm sure the little girls of mommies who let their kids play with Barbies are thrilled with this new addition of A Christmas Carol.

Shh.... can you hear that? It's Charles Dickens, rolling over in his grave.


  1. Hmmmm...not sure how I feel about this yet. The girls saw a commerical the other day...they sure did seem excited out it.

  2. well... i do happen to LOVE the muppet christmas carol... and dickens may have rolled over a little in his grave from that production but i didn't really care because i love the muppets.

  3. Pure marketing Genius! That Barbie has really got her head on straight, keen business sense with her finger on the pulse of America. Add one part Barbie to 1 part Feel good story and you get a holiday treat Barbie style.
    I am curious to see how they work this. If I remember right the only women in the story really are Mrs Fezziwig and Mrs Crachitt. Not very many roles for Barbie. Ken on the other hand has his pick of whateve character he could want.

  4. Marla, are you kidding? This is one of the best versions of the christmas carol out there! The trailor rocked! I mean Barbie in her first christmas movie EVER! I love it. I already sent a note to Santa stating that I want the DVD for christmas!

  5. jeff, i see you were in fine form.

    jessica, go ahead and buy your kids the movie. they won't remember when they are older. and make them eat cupcakes while they watch it.

    anonymous - are you dan?

    kitty - so is charles.

  6. sadly, my daughter would LOVE to get this! :)