Wednesday, September 24, 2008

More Brothers Anyone?

I had the Elders over for dinner this week. Four of them. The spanish missionaries and the ones from my ward. They created a new game. It's called freak out the members during dinner. Ok not really but they came up with was this nickname game. Each of them has a "cold" nickname. For example: snowman, iceman, otter pop, thin mint.... and the insane list goes on. Whenever one of the Elders calls out a nickname, the Elder with the corresponding nickname has to stop whatever he's doing and freeze. Then, the other Elder can do whatever he wants to the frozen Elder. So last night, sitting around my table, I witnessed true "quiet dignity".** One elder put a chicken wing in the other elder's ear and the other elder got a salad bowl on the top of his head.

If I ever miss my mission (not likely), I just invite the Elders over. Or if I ever miss 13 year old entertainment (a little more likely), I invite the Elders over. Or if I ever want to show off my cooking skills... ok let's be serious.

Moving on.

Some of my fondest memories as a missionary was when we could go to dinner with the other missionaries and eat and laugh and tell stories. This one Brittish lady would invite us (up to 10 at a time) over every week to dinner. She always talked about Lady Diana and she very fiesty and entertaining. We would get a little out of control and let loose. It's not hard to do when so many missionaries get together in one room. So I guess it's just payback. However, I'm fairly certain we never played the frozen game. I don't remember having ever having any chicken wings in my ears. Maybe I can save that game for my senior mission where I sing and dance in Nauvoo.

** Quiet dignity, a common term used among mission presidents to stiffle the amount of rebel rousing. "Conduct yourself with quiet dignity and avoid loud speaking...." (Missionary Handbook, p.14).


  1. You know what, Marla? I am so out of touch that although I knew you served a mission, I don't know where you served.

  2. yep :)
    beautiful and diversified riverside, california.
    home of big dogs, meth labs, houses on the lake, chickens and cows, scatter with a few sheep.