Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Great Minnesota Get Together

Over the highway and up the ramp to the Minnesota Fair we go.  CORN DOG!!!  What next? Reva's baby needs...a big sweet piece of roasted corn dipped in butter and sprinkled with just the right amount of sodium.  What?  Marla  wants Walleye on a Stick.  Mmmmm... fresh Minnesota fish.  For dessert how about some lefsa with lingonberry sauce, whipped cream and almonds. Uff-dah!  Mini Donuts of Great Joy - Jake's face lit up like the sun.  Anna & Chloe taking a time out for a hug.  People watching galore. Cookies & Milk - when are they going to move the milk next to the cookies so everyone doesn't have to do the pilgrimage to the Got Milk booth. Nevermind, it's probably the only exercise anyone gets all day.  Anyone thirsty from going up the 187 stairs to the gigantic slide... how 'bout some lemonade, freshly squeezed and OH MY HECK IT'S 4.99 ARE YOU CRAPPING ME? Ok, so if you ignore the prices and just focus on the experience, you can just enjoy the crazy food and the eclectic people and a beautiful Minnesotan afternoon.  Finish off the day at the fun house with Jacob and Reva. 

See you next year Minnesota State Fair!  I miss you already!

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