Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A P.S. to the previous Random Post.

The doors at the gas station Holiday. Does it bother anyone else that you can't walk into the "out door"? Every time I go there, I want to go in the exit door - but you see, YA CAN'T because there is no handle. Plus it always seems like the door is the farthest thing from you for miles! Even the stupid ice machine is closer!

Penelope. Cute movie. I really want to buy that scarf. I love it... looks like it's cashmere. Plus I adore all of her outfits - talk about quirky style. I'd wear any of it!

What is UP with America's Got Talent? It's like Jerry Springer brought all his freaky audience people with him. They are rowdy, uncooth and they boo at everyone. I'm done with that show.

And lastly -- http://www.olallieberry.com/cambria_ca/olallieberry.html. Olallieberry pie. Who knew there was such a thing. Now I really want to try it! Makes me think of Oo-la-lal-lee from Robin Hood!


  1. I didn't know you owned a TV Marla . . . what happened to your granola side?

  2. um... the only thing granola about me is that i like to eat it.