Sunday, July 6, 2008

Kick the What?

    I had this list BEFORE the silly Jack Nicholson movie came out. I made it after I saw a ridiculous teenie bopper flick that will remain nameless so that I can save what's left of my reputation. However, I dig the name of the list: The Bucket List - things to do before you kick the bucket. The items with the little "x" next to it means I've already done it.

    Write a book
    Go to Italy x
    Go to Paris and London
    Learn how to play the guitar and sing at the same time x
    Learn how to knit/crochet and make something x
    Plant tulips and lilacs
    See George Winston in concert x
    Go to New York - Palmyra Temple and Sacred Grove x
    Go on a cruise
    Go to Vegas x
    Go on a hot air balloon ride
    Buy a couch x
    Buy a house x
    Stay at a beach house on the East coast with white sand
    Go to the Winter Quarters Temple and visitor center x
    Run a 10K x
    Live in a foreign country for a few months
    Go back to Cortona, Italy and take a cooking class
    Learn how to quilt
    Stay in a monastery/nunnery
    Visit an Amish farm - ask them if they met Harrison Ford
    Play the organ in church
    Go to Hawaii x
    Go to Alaska
    Go the Oregon coast/Washington Coast
    Visit Seattle - to the wharf and the space needle
    Go to Zion’s
    Go to General Conference in the Conference center
    Skinny dip in a nice clean pool
    Take a tap dancing class x
    Go to Kirtland Ohio
    Take a pottery class and make some awesome flatware
    Play in an orchestra - piano, or violin
    See Santorini, Greece and eat in some awesome good in a cafe, ride a donkey
    Pictures with sisters – frame – professional photos
    Go on a hike in Logan, Utah - Juniper Trail
    Visit the Redlands temple in my mission
    Go to Disneyland
    Go to Washington D.C. as a grown up x
    Go to Israel and survive to tell about it
    Be in a church pageant - Nauvoo
    Visit Prince Edward Island – Anne of Green Gables
    Go to Universal Studios and go on the movies rides - Jaws, Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones
    Go to Mackinac Island where Somewhere in Time was filmed
    Climb a pyramid or two
    Go to Arches National Park
    Get published in the Ensign
    Hike on the Superior Hiking Trail x
    Be an extra in a movie
    White-water rafting adventure x
    Vacation on a yacht with a big straw hat
    Write a song - call it I LOATHE BLOGGER FORMATTING YES I DO.


  1. I just wanted to let you know that I know precisely which teenie bopper flick you're talking about. I saw it in the theater with Taylor. We made fun of it the entire movie...and then cried at the end. - Rachel

  2. i remember that! you said the keyword for that movie was
    LIPGLOSS! :) love it! emily and i saw it with a ton of 12 year old girls who oohed and ahhed through the entire thing. i admit, i bawled like a baby at the end too. :)

  3. I just about died...I thought the item on the list that said "Be in a church pageant - Nauvoo" said "Be in a church pregnant - Nauvoo"...I thought to myself...Marla why would you care if you're pregnant in Nauvoo. LOL!!!!

  4. I forgot to tell you that you inspired me and you must be reading Real Simple Magazine b/c this was their theme this month! :) xoxox