Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Happy Belated July 4th!

A bunch of us went to Duluth for this 7 stake camping trip. It was a most unique trip. We spent the night in the backyard of the Carlton church building which is about 25 minutes away from Duluth. They set up a fire pit in the back. We had sparklers and s'mores and hot dogs. We saw fireworks in Duluth in a redneck area near a M&H gas station (not to be confused with H&M) and watched an incredible show while people were tailgating with actual grills and setting off
their own fireworks in the flammable field of grass
that we were sitting on. But our own people were definitely in contest for the most "unique". Highlights: Ugly Betty, baby decks of cards, flirting contest including bets, cat in the hat, sparklers, sleeping in the backyard of the church, grasshopper watching, nicknames, tylenol pm, gorgeous weather, surprise - the Superior Hiking Trail, SPF 80, waterfallman, and this weird list could go on forever.

Katie B at the falls. This girl jumped right in.

The girls at the falls: Amy, random girl, and me.

Our little hiking group: Brandon, me, Katie B., Ryan

Pondering existence. Let it be noted that my shirt says "My lips hurt real bad". It became a self-fulfilling prophecy. I have a bag of sunflower seeds in my hand. Which is what I have been taught to eat when outside by my dear old Dad. However, when one forgets ones chapstick and eats salty nuts, ones lips do indeed hurt real bad. I ended up buying chapstick at the redneck gas station. Unfortunately the only flavor it came in was spearmint. What the crap!

Hotel Duluth. Here we have a random chair. Put in middle of nature. I call it the Ghost chair and it honestly freaked me out just a little bit.

Kind of like the Eiffel Tower, dontcha think?

Ryan, chilling with the fish.

The bridge. Where Katie B almost lost her life. Luckily the dude on the loud speaker
told her to back the heck up.

Beautiful Duluth.

So get this... we went out in search of a fabulous hike. Tried to find some trail called Munger. Never did find it but we did find a drive through church. We decided to pull over and just hike up some random road and what the freaking heck - we come across a sign that said
Coincidence? I think not!

By the lighthouse. Gorgeous view of Duluth.

Some famous fisherman guy statue in Duluth. Probably caught a 200 pounder or something. Or rescued a mermaid.


  1. Oh my gosh...your picture with the caption of "Amy, random girl, me" cracked me up!

  2. You didn't make it to Gooseberry Falls? That is my favorite! I need to go to Duluth and maybe run a half next year. Marla, you with me?

  3. Ah - this reminds me of the trip to Duluth with your family. I think we took pictures with the fish too....the memories.

  4. alicia no gooseberry falls this time! i got a leech on me there once! the whole park heard me screaming. how about we do a 5k race in shakopee instead. ;)