Monday, June 9, 2008

Sometimes I Sing When

  1. a scary part in a movie comes on (emily, WHY can't I end a sentence with a proposition? it's annoying!).

  2. my blood is being drawn (true story, happened today. i just told the lady sometimes i sing when my blood is drawn. which wasn't really true... i've never actually done that before but it just kind of came out. i really didn't think she knew what she was doing. turns out she was glad i sang... she said it was better than crying or swearing).

  3. stealing a roll from the dinner table (i only do this kind of thing on occasion).

  4. saying hello to someone on the phone (usually when talking to Victoria - she does that a lot too).

  5. in the shower (hello, everyone does it... if you don't, you're missing out).

  6. i'm the singing leader in primary because NO ONE ELSE IS SINGING, no not even the teachers (darn those kids not singing about Jesus - i'm telling! no mansion for you.).

  7. when i'm trying to block out something heinous, such as when someone is telling me i don't need another skirt or mug with the muppets on it (this can happen at any store, even the GoodWill).

  8. i'm at my wits end. like when i've been home for four (4!) days alone and the only thing that is on is People's Court with that obnoxious woman and she is getting on my last nerve real bad and i can't get up to change the channel (how did this completely rude woman get a show?! i'm renaming the show to Stupid Court because everyone on there is stupid).

  9. i've just done something really stupid (unlike the people on People's court) like only got half the leg of my trip to jerusalem thinking that the airline rates would go down even though gas is over 135 a barrel. gosh i'm a freaking genius.

  10. all of the above (and probably a few more by the end of my lifetime, i keep things interesting).

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