Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Recent findings

D'Brian's double chocolate chunk cookies. I WANT the recipe! I might start part time there so I can do a little spying in the kitchen.
I stumbled on this today at TJ Maxx. TOP MODEL BARBIE people. As if it wasn't bad enough to let your kids have a Barbie who's body size doesn't represent the average woman, now we've put her in hoochie clothes & baited them to watch a TV show that encourages eating disorders. My only comfort: this Barbie that I found was in the clearance section. However, it was still 10 dollars which I declare a travesty.

For when I move to my villa in Tuscany:

I will learn to cook the Italian way. I will walk to the grocery store every day. I will eat gelato whenever I feel like it. I will talk long walks in the hills. I will visit monasteries and old churches and museums en mass. I will become a famous photographer. I will invite all my friends to visit. I will dream in Italian.

The Minnetonka Summer Festival. I love this beautiful city.

And as I was scanning through the site I found this...

7—10 p.m.
Featured show: Back by popular demand, the R-Factor. Enjoy their remarkable voices and big band sound. The R-Factor has provided back up for Michael Bolton, Celine Dion, Huey Lewis, Donny Osmond and Smokey Robinson.

Everything really does lead back to DONNY OSMOND. :)

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