Friday, June 6, 2008

Marlita's Favoritos

There will always be a bit of Foot Loose inside me somewhere, a dorky peanut joke, a laugh that comes out as a snort and a random quoting session from Goonies. It's just how I came. I can't explain it and I can't expect many people to relate to it.

But... there are some things that almost everyone loves... or some things that I think everyone should love.

The $600 rebate check from the US Govt. Not sure how that's helping but I sure like the concept.

Butterscotch bars. I found a low fat recipe online that is delicious! (Read this next sentence with Dwight's Shrute's voice in your head) Question: Are the bars still low fat if you eat half the pan?

And that my friends, help me think of the next thing on my list. Schute bucks. Need I say more.

Free sample day at Costco. Yummy food that I would never buy. I have seemed to notice a conspiracy and I think I'm really onto something here...they never open the peanut M&Ms. Costco, what are you hiding?

Missionaries. I saw a couple in the grocery store last week. They snuck up behind this member of my ward and scared him. Friendly? Pretty much. Quiet Dignity? Not so much. Just seeing them makes me smile.

Tom Hanks movies. Turner & Hooch. Big (may I bring to mind the piano dance) Splash (where were her seashells for pete's sake), A League of their Own (there is no crying in baseball!, You've Got Mail (ok, guilty pleasure people, so sue me!), even parts of Castaway has its charms..."Aha. Look what I've created. I have made FIRE.". Classic.

Fridays. At about 4:30. Everyone is SO happy! Skipping to their cars. Going places. Making plans. All the Monday moping around has been left behind and people are ready to PAR-TAY. Except for me. I need a nap. I'll be ready to go out and party in a few hours.

Indiana Jones. I don't care what the reviews say, I thought the latest movie was incredible. It's amazing to me that our dear old Harrison Ford can even pull that off. Even more amazing is the fact that he does quite a few of his own stunts. After seeing the movie, I decided to walk down memory lane and view the first three movies. I've made it through the first two and I had forgotten how extremely clever they were. Favorite line from Shorty when he's playing poker with Dr. Jones: "I am very little. You cheat very big!". Tangent: I also found out after a little search on the internet about Marion - the girl who played Indiana Jones' first love interest. She now owns a knitting shop! She teaches knitting. And get this, her real name isn't Marion, it's Karen.

Garage sales in the summer. I love going running on Saturday morning in Shakopee and stumbling into at least five garage sales. People wake up, and start pulling all their junk ouf of their house, knowing that someone will think its a treasure. Bizarre tradition but it seems to work. Last week I saw a garage sale advertised with the PINK ribbon. All the proceeds went to Breast Cancer. They offered free face/body painting with every purchase. There were three tough rough around the edges men who bought something and the lady asked the guy tentatively, "Would you like a cupcake on your arm?" and to my surprise, he yanked up his muscle shirt and smiled. Now that's good entertainment.


  1. Are you finding any good sofas in your garage sale endeavors? Dan and I are in desperate need!

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  3. emily - IKEA. i think they have one in utah. never buy furniture from a garage sale... unless it has zero fabric on it.