Thursday, June 5, 2008

Letter from Grams

"It won't be long before your trip to Israel. I hope Pres. Bush doesn't create any problems while he's there - he's real good at that. Take care! I love you lots, Grandma."

So my Grandma is a Democrat. In the very Republican state of Utah. She likes to send me clippings from the Salt Lake Tribune. And she loves to bash Bush, and that's about every chance she gets. Last year she sent me a newpaper clipping (she goes nutso with those - family you know what I'm talking about because you have the piles of clippings too) reporting that there were lots of Democrats in Salt Lake and that it was ok to be Mormon and Democratic.

I still don't know who or what I'm voting for other than I would never in a zillion bejillion quatromillion years vote for Hillary Clinton.


  1. I'll never forget telling grandma I was president of the Democrat Club at BYU. I think I became her favorite grandchild in that moment . . . but it ended when I told her I was just kidding.

  2. em! you didn't! that's just like the time you told grandma she lived in the ghetto! nice!