Friday, June 6, 2008

Isn't it Ironic... Don't cha think?

It's like Raaaaaaaiiiiinnnnnnn on your wedding day
A freeeeeee lunch when you've already paid

Recent ironchroncities (TM):

The car I just bought - after complaining about salesmen showing me dumb features like cupholders - has SIX cupholders. Count 'em, SIX.

The people who bought my old car are both Sergeants for the City of Shakopee.

The only times I've been pulled over/gotten tickets (2 in my whole life) is in the City of Shakopee. Now that I think about it, the guy who bought my car looked remotely familiar...

After driving myself out of the garage of the dealership and almost hitting the side of it (what is with my gene pool and taking the side off of garages?!), I called my sister who's following me in her car to say 'how do I look in my new car?' and she says 'your tail light is out'.

I actually read the car owner's manual. Ok, let's be honest... I read parts of it. Why you might ask? To learn how to make all the freaking lights stop going off. Every day it was something new - the tire light (ps it looks nothing like a tire) and the engine light and the door light. I had to do actual detective work in the manual to figure these out. While this makes my Dad so very proud, it is still an ironchroncity. I'm anti-readthemanul on anything.

To get a new key made for my car costs a whopping $150 dollars -- per key. What's even more ironic is that they called it a 'smart key'. I don't know anything smart about having to pay $150 for a new key. Gonna rename that to 'stupid key'. However, my favorite thing about this key is that I never have to pay attention to where I park anymore. I just park, go in the store, come out and raise my hand to the sky like someone in a Sure commerical and press the panic button. Sure it might be annoying to everyone around my car, but I sure can find it in a jiffy!

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  1. I am glad you got your car and that it didn't get dented in the hail storm. ; )