Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Infamous St. Paul Hangar Dance

Last year's hangar dance crew... part of us at least! Weather was perfect. Not a drop from the sky.

This year's hangar dance... can you say freak hail storm where people stop on a major highway under a bridge just to protect their car? We had to pull off at the Mall of America for shelter. I kept screaming (new car) and honking (again new car) and laughing my head off. Good times.

And just so you can see that we weren't exaggerating about the size of the hail... here it is melting in Alicia's hand.

Stopping at LEGO land at the MOA. We made cars and raced them. I found the gift shop when they were all racing their cars. Did you know that you can get an Indiana Jones lego? Yeah, and it comes on a key chain! They also had Princess Lea, Darth Vader, and Chewbacca.
At the dance, out jumped some old dudes in skirts. They played some music on their goat skin bladders. Oh, and as you can see on the left, there was a Beer Garden. It was a very popular line.
There really were more people than Alicia and me at the dance. Big group of people actually! Joanna, Jamie, Eric, Marcus, Ryan, Jen, Cheryl, Jolene, Charity, Brock, Cindy, Derrick, Linda, Gary, Kyle, Alicia & me just to name a few. However, at this point of the evening, hunger took over and everyone had left to get food. Alicia and I stayed and saw them actually start up a WWII plane.
Pictures with the Jeep and AMMO. It was like being in the movie Rambo... except with no Sylvester.

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