Friday, June 27, 2008

The Embarrassing and NotSoEmbarrassing List

Concerts that I've attended:
Prince: Went with the Young Women from the Plymouth 2 ward. I can't believe they let us see him!

Amy Grant: I'm not kidding. SO not kidding. They handed out little flashlights and when she came onstage (literally my face is red right now) we all turned on and off our lights and she was like 'man, look at that! all those twinkley lights out there!'. Sigh.

New Kids on the Block: My dad took us. He waited in the lobby of the Target center until it was over. Some guy felt so bad for him and gave him ear plugs. I am proud to say that I have learned my lesson and will not be attending the reunion concert to hear them sing "Hanging Tough". Once was enough my friends.

Collin Raye: This was a birthday present from my dear Aunt Laura. I'm not sure if this embarrasses me more than the NKOB concert or not... it's a toss up. He kept blowing kisses to the audience.

Black Hawk: Another country band. It must've been a really bad phase. This one was attended with my dear Aunt Karen. We saw them in the Medina Ballroom. Favorite line: "Cause I need youLike a hole in my heart" and "Your blue might be gray, your less might be more Your window to the world might be your own front door Your shiniest day might come in the middle of the night That's just about right".

Jim Brickman. For real. Downtown Minneapolis with my Aunt Laura. We stuck around after and had him sign our music. We were all shy when we got up to him in line. Smiled and said 'lovely concert'. Then left the line and went SCREAMING into the streets of Minneapolis. They probably heard us from inside. We were that excited.

George Winston: Three words - worst. concert. ever. I took Jana to this concert for Christmas one year hoping to hear some of our favorite piano pieces he wrote. Somehow he turned all hick and whipped out a banjo and a spoon. I wanted to start throwing things.

Cold Play: Three words - coolest. concert. ever. A few people near us were even smoking pot and I caught a whiff or two of it. Seriously, this band really knows how to deliver for a show. It was incredible.

Guster: 2 concerts I think. My favorite was in the Target center. Super awesome. Love the song Amsterdam. Evidently I look like I'm jogging when I'm dancing to this song - per Jeff.

Travis: 2 or more concerts. I heart them. Almost every song.

Switchfoot. Love this band. However, I dragged a friend there, who I found later, sitting in a chair, with his head in his hand. All these teenagers were everywhere - about 12 and 13 years old. At the QWEST. They ended with the song from A Walk to Remember called Only Hope. I melted and got a little teary eyed. My friend rolled his eyes.

Air Supply. Alicia's brother Moe does the lighting for this band. Victoria, Alicia and I were in surreal land. It was hysterical. All these 45+ women running up to the stage and blowing kisses. I had to hide my head in my lap a few times. And the dudes are SO OLD. And they still wear spandex. But if I closed my eyes and listened, it was TOTALLY awesome.

Concerts I would LOVE to attend some day:

Keane, The Fray, The Bangles, Cyndi Lauper...

Favorite concert anyone?


  1. I have quite a few favorites from back in the day... here is the top 10

    1. Radiohead @ 1st ave. May of 95 David Gray opened for them

    2. Oasis @ State theatre Travis opened for them Fall of 99

    3. Oasis @ Rosemont Horizon (Chicago) road trip w/ the boys

    4. Coldplay chicago w/ the sis in laws

    5. Cake multiple times always a blast and a good show.

    6. Ben Folds piano only @ 1st ave w/ Reva

    7. Dido @ the Fine Line w/ Reva ask her about it.

    8. Beastie Boys 2 times (lollapalooza 94?/ Kansas City w/ my cousin Joel 98?)

    9. Wyclef Jean @ 1st ave. still makes me want to jump up and down know reminising

    10. Belly/Catherine Wheel @ 1st Ave 95

    This one's for Jana...

    Shout Out Louds/Kings of Leon 1st Ave. who cares about Secret machines they stunk/ cool lights thats about it. thank goodnes for reentry, we went outside and got some fresh smoke filled air.

  2. oh yeah - the time jana fainted and you caught her!! i wish i could've seen that.
    and you went to DIDO! can't wait to ask reva about that one.

  3. Jeff, your concert list just bumped you up a notch of respect.

  4. I remember the Guster concert...LOL...We'll have to tell you how reliving NKOTB is!:)

  5. I do believe you forgot one- didn't you and I go and see Bette Midler- I don't know about you but I never enjoyed her as much after that performance.

  6. oh my gosh KIM! i do remember bette midler! i blocked it out cuz it was the WORST CONCERT EVER!!! she was scandalous with a capital S!

  7. I can't believe Kings of Leon wasn't even part of the top ten concerts.....come on Jeff. You know that was the BEST concert you have ever been to!

  8. i totally missed one! michael w. smith! laura locked the keys in the car with it still running!

  9. I can't believe that Air Supply wasn't your favorite concert? ;)