Monday, June 30, 2008

And The Kid turned 4.

To celebrate, he chucked a peanut at me. I'm telling you, this kid has a good arm. I love Chloe's pouty face in this picture. Maybe she wanted to chuck a peanut at me too.

Chloe, trying hard to put something together. The kids are going through a sunglasses phase. Chloe is going through her own pigtails phase. I say WEAR IT BABY!

Look out Marilyn Monroe. We've got a two year old, with cute pudgy cheeks, and pink sparkly glasses. No one else stands a chance.

It's my party and I can cry if I want to. Jake is good at putting on a sad face.

However the tables quickly turned when it was time to open PRESENTS!!

The Corvette! It has a radio. I'm not kidding.

While the corvette was an ok present, Jacob got the most excited when he opened MY present. College fund money. See below for his reaction. Look people, I can't help it that I totally know what kids will love. I'm just good with them that way.


  1. Loved the recap of the celebration, thanks for posting so quickly. Those pictures are priceless (as is your editorial comment :) Love, Mom

  2. Mom - I like it when you try to make jokes like on Dan & Emily's blog. Can you work on that? I think they are funny.

  3. Marla do me a favor and tell Jake that any time he wants I will challenge him to a race! I am sure "black beauty" could beat the corvette!

  4. Dan,

    I may be a little biased, but the "black beauty" as you call it would likely beat the corvette. However... the driving skills of Jacob are unsurpassed. Watch out world only 12 more years and he''l be begging for the keys!

    Check your mirrors he's coming up fast.

  5. dan - you actually named your car black beauty? for reals?
    and you better have come up with a better nickname for me!