Saturday, May 10, 2008

To Grandmother's House We Go

These are the flowers in the front of my Grandma's house. She called them Creeping Myrtle after I said I think that's Creeping Charlie. It's only fitting that Myrtle is more attractive than Charlie don't you think?
Chloe - at the designated porch where many of generations have sat to get their picture taken. She's the only one who would cooperate. Jake was scared to death of the box elder bugs and had to be carried over the threshold.

Dad and Grandma Donna. What a pair. They are probably talking about types of trees or rocks.

In the back yard of Grandma's house. There is a small stream. There used to be a filbert nut tree, a cherry tree, and a bunch of different kinds of mint - chocolate mint. I remember Grandma going back and ripping off small pieces of mint for me to smell.

Three generations.

Chloe and Marla.

Darling Chloe with her favorite friend (besides me of course), her nook.

Jake, in Grandma's kitchen, making a mess in David's spot.

Grandpa and Jake goofing off.

Four generations!

Goodbye Grandma! See you soon!

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  1. Marla, thanks for the pictures - I haven't seen your folks in so long. They look great. The wedding looked beautiful, as did your darling sister (who is really a lot taller than you - and me...). And you did a fantastic job on the strawberries!