Saturday, May 10, 2008

How long should you wait before you tell the highway it's adopted?

Today I spent the morning picking up random things on the side of the road near my company. Last time I found an entire jewelry box with vintage watches, earrings, and rings. This time I had an episode with a full bloom cattail which I really think was trying to attack me. My coat is proof. This morning's clean-up was not as fruitful as the previous time. I found an umbrella covered in maggots, part of a cell phone, and a small fire engine toy which I would give to Jacob but Reva will have none of that.

My co-worker who was right along side me found a note tied with a piece of ribbon, attached to a balloon. Evidently Crown College in Bonifacius, MN decided to have an event where they released a bunch of balloons that had prizes attached to it. It said that she had won a 25.00 Super America Gas card. Wowee.

I also found an egg carton. Sans eggs. I found myself yelling "An egg carton people? An egg carton!". It's amazing the type of things that people throw out the window. I think everyone in America should be required by the government to spend one day a year picking up trash.

PS Whoever emptied the box of styrofoam peanuts on the side of 169 is a dead man.

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