Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Versa... Versa... Versatile.

I've been looking for about a month now. I've gone to more than five dealerships. The guy who wanted to buy my car has been emailing me and calling me for a month, just to see if I'm ready to give him my car. I knew I was asking too little! I hoped he would go away but he didn't.
Finally, I am ready to give him my car because I found my new one.

My very first car that I drove as a kid was a Honda hatchback civic. My mom called it her green house on wheels. Shortly after that, my dad bought a brand new Honda Accord. Boy was it fancy and boy was he proud of that car! And then my mom, with her greenhouse car, backed up one day, rolled over a bottle of spray paint, and christened my dad's new car. My dad has learned a lot of patience over the years. The most important thing he learned was NEVER BUY A NEW CAR. And let me tell you, that has been ingrained in each one of us!

My parents bought me a car at college for my Senior year. It was this big ford something. Gold. I called it my gold card. I was jealous of Jill's car cuz she had the silver bullet -- with a very loud muffler. I thought it was pretty cool. My gold card happened to get totaled one month before my mission. Some 17 year old kid in Burger King outfit hit me from behind and it caused me to crash into the mini van ahead of me. We were all fine but I did get the opportunity to go a little hysterical. That was fun. It taught me to hold it together because otherwise the cops do not take you seriously.

My first car that I bought completely on my own was a Chevy Cobalt, stick shift. Gosh it was fun to drive. My sisters were absolutely mortified. I got in the car and knew it was mine. It even came with blanket over the back seat - no extra charge. It was 700 hundred dollars and my dad even kicked in 100 hundred dollars.

My second car was a Geo. This big white car. With a sun roof. I remember getting that car and thinking 'I can't believe my car is so nice!'. That's a little embarrassing to recall. A drunk driver hit that car and it was totaled. And this brings me to the next car.

My dad has a friend who sells cars at a dealership called SunBelt. I went up there and poked around. He said he got a Honda Civic in - 2 door. With a sunroof. And two cup holders. Little did I know that my annoyance with men showing me stupid "selling point" devices in the car would make me want to slap them.

Fast forward to last night. Marla sitting in her pink fuzzy robe looking on carsoup.com. She clicked on Feldman Imports in Bloomington, MN and suddenly knew she had found her car. Nissan Versa. Black. Cream interior. Hatchback. Sporty looking thing. I called my Dad and said come on - let's go. I had to give in and bring a man. I'm really not a feminist but I wanted to do it all by myself. I found that it wasn't really that important to have a man along, it was the confidence I had when he was there. I told the guy the price I wanted to pay for the car and he just laughed at me and said well you have the wrong car. That's when I knew I liked this purple striped purple tie wearing souped up hair sprayed gold bracelet accessorizing character. First car guy that I liked. He didn't tip toe. Didn't try to sell me on the dumb features of the car. In fact, he didn't know much about the car. But I really liked his laissez-faire attitude and it worked. I was sold.

So I bought the car. And I hope I love it after six months. Heck, I hope I like it tomorrow!


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  1. How much money did Dad "kick in" this time?? Really, I want to know! And I would have traded my silver bullet for your two door honda. It's even taken on having a loud muffler because it's falling off or something.