Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Rochester, Beloved City

Honestly - who doesn't love a good old fashioned corn water tower? Obviously Rochester is the kind of town that takes corns seriously and I commend them for it.

Fabulous restaurant called Chester's (not to be confused with Chester Copperpot from Goonies). Laura, Stacy, Anna, Jana, & and I went to dinner on Saturday night. Yum-O food and to die for desserts - literally. That poor bread pudding didn't stand a chance. Bestest creamy-ist carmel sauce EVER not to mention the whipped cream straight from heaven. Of course it was tough to hold a candle to the 'lime-air' that we ate at Redstone. (Lime-air has been copyrighted by Laura so don't get any ideas about using it to describe your key lime pie folks).

The most darling craft store. I love their patchwork quilts. And the way it smells when you walk in the store. You can buy homemade potpourri. And rugs. And signs for your wall. And they have the soy candle beads. Love it!

Now, they changed the logo and that's kind of annoying because I liked the old one. It made me feel like I was saving more money. The plus side is that they got a Payless shoe store inside Shopko and they carry brands like American Eagle. Fun. I now have three more pairs of shoes.

I discovered this thrift store because it was next to the Crafty Mouse in Miracle Mile. Love it. Seriously great deals.

Sister Rosalind's massage school! 40 dollars for one hour for a student massage. Can your muscles say HAPPY? They have a few here but they aren't as cheap.

And let's not forget the Goodwill. The Rochester Goodwill is a freakin gold mine, just like Jane Austen (The Jane Austen Book Club - from MOVIE not the sicko book and wait a second, it was Jane Austen was a freakin LAND mind - not gold mine...).

All of these things are great about Rochester. But the most important things there are not stores and restaurants... it's my fun extended happy little clam family!

Highlights from this weekend:

Marla: I'm starving. I'd like to eat a hamburger.
Stacy: I'd like to keep my toe. (Stacy had some issues this weekend)

Everyone singing along to High School Musical - Anna's favorite.

Stacy: What I really love about this restaurant is that we get the bread basket in the middle of dinner.

Marla: Jana wants to go to SHOPKO!

Laura: Jana, do you think it will occur to Marla to let the dog out? If she scratches at the door and stuff? Jana: No.

Laura: Is Marla going to want to take a nap? Jana: Yes.

Homemade Pizza Company. Yum.

Dan in Real Life. (LOVE THAT MOVIE!! Steve Carell, if you're reading this, please do more tender hearted movies like that and spare me the embarrassment and awkwardness from watching The Office!).

Anna with her pink diva sunglasses on in the backseat.

Stacy spilling coffee all over the front of her coat for 15 minutes.

Laura jumping out of bed like the house was on fire.

Laura in her neck brace.

Marla raiding Laura's sweaters from the 70's.

Happy little clams!! :)

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