Friday, April 18, 2008

I love pre-licked french fries and chocolatey milk.

I had the BEST meal last night. I went over to Reva and Jeff's house after yet another frustrating experience with car dealerships and found solace in a chaotic family dinner. It certainly did the trick. We had patty melts with Great Harvest bread, curly fries, and baked beans that taste even better with ketchup. Dinner just doesn't get better than that people.

After Chloe said half of the prayer (Dear Heavenly Father MMmmhhhmmm (FADER) Thank you for this day Mmmhmmm (AY!) and blahblahbblah.... & of course the AMEN at the top of their lungs way before the end of the prayer just so they can show their parents that they do in fact know that amen goes at the end of the prayer, Jacob started licking his french fries and putting them on my plate when I wasn't looking. I picked one up and wondered why it was extremely soggy. He just sat there looking at me with those innocent wide eyes. He tried that a few more times before the end of dinner but I was so onto him! Hey! I've officially outwitted a three year old! Yay for me.
Later on that evening, we went downstairs to play in the living room. There's a stove and microwave and fridge thingy. Jacob was very seriuosly making stuff and asked me if I wanted anything.

Marla: Jake. I want a shake. And make it snappy.

Jake: We don't have snappy shakes here.

Marla: Alrighty then. Reva! Is he really only three?

On a random note, or should I just say 'on a note', why do you have to open the milk carton on a certain side? Try to open the wrong side (I dare you) and you get a bold face typed that says OPEN OTHER SIDE. Is it just me or does it make you want to open it that way all the time just to be a rebel? Besides, sometimes you can't get the right side open and you have to take the dangerous route and does anything bad happen to you? Does the carton explode? Does the milk come out of your nose? No!! And I rest my carton, I mean case.

I say no matter how you open it, chocolate milk tastes grand and I love it!

Time for a random movie quote, or should I just say 'movie quote',

"Is that milk chocolatey enough for your sweetheart?" -Nicolas Cage from the movie Family Man

"Uh-huh" - Cutest little actress with a very big chocolate milk mustache.

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  1. I'm just pretty much sicked out by Jake's "saliva fries." How on earth did you keep them down after finding out his trick? 10 bucks Jeff put him up to it;)