Friday, April 25, 2008

I don’t know why but people just give me stuff just because...

15 pairs of almost brand new shoes - all in my size. Cha-ching!

Pink fuzzy bathrobe - from my favorite Jodie.

Expensive foundation – from my CCN (cute cube neighbor).

Patio furniture – the cute white iron kind.

China cabinet - I don't put china in there. I have a Barbie, some plastic cupcakes, some picture frames... but hey it's still a china cabinet

Coffee table - Doug brought it over one day from Karen's house. Then he made fun of my living room wall I had painted. I think I recall the word "half-a**" in there somewhere.

Kitchen table - antique fabulous looking thing from Jenny's house. I love the border carved on the side.

Chairs - from Karen's garage. Really beautiful wood ones with neat carvings.

Computer - ok so it was my parents who gave it to be but it still counts. They gave it to me when I was a grown-up and they could have made me pay.

Day bed - darling iron thing that sleeps two people.

Brand new printer - from Reva and Jeff. Love it!

Cornell dishes - they are still my favorite bowls. Thanks Marlene!

500 frequent flier miles so I can go to Emily's wedding on the airplane instead of 26 hours in the car. Aleuia and thanks Mom! PS Northwest you suck. You made my mom pay 75 dollars to transfer her own miles and you will be seeing a letter from me soon.

And so much more! Aren't people so nice? I love them. And not just because they give me stuff. But hey it's a nice bonus isn't it? And isn't it a great feeling when you give someone something that you aren't going to use and they just love it? Why yes, I think it is.

Happy Giving!

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