Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Here today, gone to Maui

Hawaii 2008 Quotes

Dude – Where’s my aloe? - Mary, after getting fried by the sun.

Hello! It’s the running team! – People who saw our group running in the a.m. near the beach.

Da*& birds! – Marla, commenting on the birds who chirped every morning, louder than should even be possible.

We all should’ve taken sleeping pills! – Marla, after waking up at 4 a.m. with everyone awake.

We’re in MAUI! – Karen – when we were looking at the beach from our balcony

Whose bowl and spoon is that? Who ate all the Oreos? Everyone - we have to label our waters! – Jenny

Don’t be so scared Marla! Come with me. – Breeanna to Marla swimming in the ocean.

This is where all of the shar… I mean FISH were…-Mary, whispering to her mom when I was around because I freak out about sharks.

Brothers and Sisters – ALOHA! – Sacrament meeting in Maui.

Kicking someone off the island has a whole new meaning now. – Marla

Woo-hoo! Let’s find a boyfriend! I feel like honking! - Jenny, passing a pack of Hells Angels.

Oh look! A cow!! – Jenny
That’s a horse Jenny. – Karen

And here we have ZERO VISIBILITY! – Marla on the top of the volcano that was supposed to have the crater the size of Manhattan – we’ll never know will we?

And these whales only eat girls in big white hats. – Guide on the whale watching boat. I happened to be wearing a big white hat.

Oh my gosh! It smells nasty! It smells like nature! – Mary

Look at the purple leaves!! – Jenny
They are flowers Jenny. – Karen
Give Breeanna your napkin – Paul to Tristy
No! My lips are still messy!! – Tristy, age 4

Let’s flash our wristbands from Maui instead of engagement rings. It’ll be more fun. - Marla

There’s fish in there! – Marla, pointing to the ocean.
Yes, it’s called the ocean. – Jenny

We’re sitting in a HOT TUB in MAUI!! – Karen

You make 75,000 a year. – Sales guy signing me up for the time share presentation.
Um yeah I totally do. – Marla, lying through her teeth.

$15,000 dollars! That’s a steal!! – Marla, in the time share presentation.

What are those whales saying? - Marla
Let’s go eat Marla – Randy

We’ve have 15 root beer floats please. – Paul at the restaurant after whale watching.

This is way better than the zoo! – Marla, whale watching.

I thought my eye ball was going to pop out. – Randy on diving to see the sea turtles.

I don’t eat fish. – Jenny, while eating Mahi Mahi

Marla, you missed yoga class on the beach – Jenny
I wouldn’t pay money to look that stupid. - Marla

Hey shell lady! Is this your phone? - Random people on the beach who saw me picking up shells on the beach.

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  1. Did the people on the beach make fun of your tacky pink phone on top of calling you "shell lady?"