Thursday, April 3, 2008

Goodwill towards Marla

My favorite stores:


Do you see a theme here? All of these stores require a fair amount of "digging". That's part of the process of finding great buys. If I don't have to dig, then I've missed out on most of the fun.

Last night I took a drive down to one of my favorite Goodwills... the Shakopee one. Clearly, it's located in hick town, but the other side of that coin means that it's not thoroughly gone over like most other Goodwills say like in Minneapolis for example. And yes, there is a difference between Goodwills. I'd like to do a little shout-out to the one in Rochester - way to go! Love ya!

My favorite finds from last night:

The best of Friends - four pack of VCR tapes for 3.99
Handmade sweater by Ellen (seriously that's what the tag says) 4.99
The most unique oversized straw handbag 4.99
Dress from Target with the tags still on it 6.99
Velvet teal jacket with silk trim- biggest purchase of the night @ 8.99
Piece of artwork with tall trees in frame 2.99
Basket of flowers 2.99
Movie trivia game 1.99
Brand new brown leather belt from Target 1.99

Ok so maybe all of my buys were my favorite! So shoot me! I love it! So fun.

What was even more funny about last night was that it was Senior citizens night. That means that everything for people 65+ is an additional 25% off. I would've saved 12.50 had I been over 65. Something to look forward to.

My question is WHY? Why would they give a Senior discount? Don't you think the old ladies have enough crap in their house already? Have you ever seen the people walking around Goodwill and looked in their cart? It's embarrassing! I want to say you really don't need another crock pot or that snowman statue is horrendous! or are you competely crapping me or are you really buying that set of dishes with Holly Hobby on it? (ok so I might buy the dishes, childhood memory here people).

I talked with a cute old lady there last night. I don't know why people talk to me but they do. They tell me their whole life story and just start random conversations. I don't mind it - I find it entertaining. This certain lady had her cart FULL with random things. I was too busy looking at my own stuff to care what she had in hers. She was asking me what I thought this ball type object was. I guessed that it was a hamster ball. It wasn't the end of the discussion. She was telling me how much fun she was having. And how she'd bought she many treasures, and many duds. And that she'd probably do it again next week! I could relate! I was having fun too!! And I looked down at my cart and it was full too... maybe I am 65+ and no one told me...

Here's to many more good years of shopping at thirft stores. Cheers!


  1. Marla,

    I can not relate to this experience, however maybe you were talking to your future self like Back to the Future and you are now suppose to change your ways after seeing all the snow globes and mismatched dishes and such. Beware your house will soon be littered with knick knacks of no consequence just because it was 50 cents. You are not really saving money just because it is cheap 95 precent of the time stuff is cheap because its pardon my english crap. P.S. Jacob, Chloe, or the coming baby will not accompany you to the Goodwill, Mall, Flea Market, etc. EVER! Nothing personal, I just don't want any more snow globes than I may have already lurking around the house.


  2. jeff!! i've never seen you talk to much to me! :) i love it!
    just for that, i'm going to give you my snow globe collection. and i'll throw in the vintage muppets hardees glasses for FREE!!!

  3. Hey! I make comments all the time . . . what are you going to give me?

  4. Emily,
    You do comment all the time, however... your comments are quite lame for an English major. Shouldn't you be studying anyway? Nevermind I should be working what am I talking about.


  5. lame? lame?? I'm offended. I think I'll start my own blog called "What's the Deal E O, Jeff." That wouldn't be lame at all.

  6. Emily and Jeff - i will let you DUKE IT OUT for the snow globe collection. but i have to keep the muppets glasses. i spoke too soon. i can't part with them!

  7. Wow!
    Emily that is actually a good idea, people like yourself could post a comment/question and I could respond with wit,wisdom, maybe even a little satire. We could get companies to advertise and everything.

    Bravo, Emily Bravo!

    I think you should run with it.

    Let me know when we are up and running.


  8. PEOPLE! when i said duke it out i meant duke it out! in person! not all over my blog. ;) j/k
    jeff - you are in fine form today.
    emily - i think you've met your match.
    both of you: get back to work.
    xoxoxo marla

  9. I LOVE that you still use the phrase I made up, "Are you crapping me?" Who whould have thought that simple phrase would go down in history. My other phrase I am known for is "Forget yourself and go dancing!"