Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Chloe turned 2!

Oh gosh. You know those little girls that just look at you and your heart melts? Well that's my Chloe. She is a huge ray of sunshine... smiling all the time... doing the little head tilt thing... and grinning until you'd think her mouth might break... she is completely endearing. She had a fabulous birthday. Dora is her favorite thing - anything with Dora on it is a hit. My Aunt Karen gave her a Dora suitcase and as she tore off the paper in one long sweep she let out this squeal/scream sound that I've never heard come from a child so small! She loved it! Kids totally have things figured out - they enjoy life, forget stuff and move on, have snack time and take naps every day. Pure GENIUS.

I gave Chloe a basket full of Dora stuff. She had Dora slippers, a Dora zip-up sweatshirt, a few little purses (because she's always taking my purse and walking around with it), and this darling PUMA outfit in pink.

Of course she had to have a Dora cake too. Culprit = Grandma K!

Happy Birthday sweet Chloe. We are so happy to have you with us.

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