Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Behold, the Cupholders and Other Fine Features...

The following information you are about to read is of personal opinion. You probably aren’t even reading the simple disclaimer because it's an easy part to skip over. However, if you or someone on your Facebook page happens to personally know, sort of know, know the brother/cousin of, thought you saw in the grocery store buying Spring Oreos or have a Jazzercise instructor that looks exactly like one of the car salesmen in the area…none of this is personal and I’m sure they are all lovely people. And here we go...

"Michael Albano of GM's global design group says women's influence in the automotive market has hit an all-time high, noting 85 percent of all vehicle sales decisions are influenced by women with women buying 45 percent of all vehicles." (taken from CNN.com)

My questions is if this is really truly the case, WHY are the people at dealerships treating women so stupidly? Not mean, not sarcastic, just stupid.

I had to suppress my laughter as the men described the "features" of the car. Fascinating things really, such as...

CUPHOLDERS (woo-hoo! hold me back). I mean, really, what am I supposed to say to that? I said "uh-huh - nice." Is that really a selling point for some people? Maybe it is for someone like Jessica Simpson who already has 25 cars, but a 20 something woman (ok so sue me, I lie about my age) who says she wants a low mileage non-ugly anti-grandma looking car with a nice color on the outside? I think not. And for the record, I don't really care about cupholders.

Change drawer. Are you crapping me? If I do buy this car, I'll be broke for the rest of life and I won't have any coins left to put in the stupid change drawer anyway. However I do like the kind that hold the individual coins. They pop up after you take one out. Fun. But again, selling point? I can't find one.

And then there was the guy who drove along with me who reminded me of my old driver's ed instructor. The memories came flooding back and I was suddenly very nervous to drive in front of him. The funny thing was that the more I kept asking about mileage and price, the more he kept switching the subjects to the color of the car, the interior, or the trunk size (my how much luggage you could fit into this car!). I found myself fighting the urge to lift up my hand, bang it with my other, and say "Is this ON?!".

I have to say that I liked the people at Chevy the best. They were friendly, old-fashioned, and the guy that was helping me was really attractive and kind of looked like Leo from Charmed.

Lessons learned:

Test driving is FUN!
Be prepared.
Go with a man.
Go with a man who will buy you a car.
Don't buy a new car.
Read the consumer reports.


  1. You don't have kids yet- cup holders are a must have for us! But you are right on the rest of that stuff.

    I even hate getting the oiled changed in the car because I don't always trust that the "extra services needed" list is actually necessary. So I normally say "I'll tell my husband about that and we'll take care of that later".

  2. I completely agree - the dealership where we got our latest vehicle has been trying to repair our car according to the warranty for two and half months now (lesson to be learned here: don't live in the middle of nowhere!). So, we decide to get a new (to us) vehicle and we tell them what we want (a van) and they start going off on all the other vehicles they have that are not vans. We told them exactly what van we wanted to test drive and we listen for 1/2 an hour to all their stuff about the minimum payment we can afford can get us into a $20,000 loan. Finally, I say, "So we can't look at your van." He looks at me and says, "Oh, ok, I'll go get it." Then, we decide to get it if they'll align the tires because it's pulling to the left. When the van comes back for the final test drive before we sign the papers, it stills pulls to the left (no change at all). When Garrett goes to tell them we're not going to sign, they look at the dealership owner and say, "They backed out." No sir! Your van backed out. Well, they let us continue to drive the van while our car's in the shop. By that afternoon, the Check Engine light is on. Garrett reported it to them and they respond, "Oh, don't worry about it." And again, we wait in hold-your-breath anticipation that they're "for sure" going to have our car fixed by the first of next week.