Thursday, April 10, 2008

Baby Boom

No, I'm not referring to Reva. I'm referring to the 80's movie. Have you seen it? One of my personal favorites from my childhood.

Remember the part where she's trapped inside her perfect Victorian house and it's snowing? She's become so bored that she started making applesauce. She opens the cupboard and it shows 5 million jars. There simply isn't any more room.

That's the perfect way to describe Minnesota winters. Being trapped in winter with a crazy case of cabin-fever that seems to creep into all parts of your life. It makes you do and think some pretty crazy things.

Things I've done and/or thought so far during these frozen not-going-to-die-without-a-fight winter months:
  • Painted my bathroom green on the spur of the moment
  • Painted hot pink over part of my green wall just to see what it looked like (not exactly how I imagined it would)
  • Researched staying in a Convent for a month or relocating to Arizona, Texas, Mexico, or Afganistan.
  • Planned a trip to Maui (ok that was the least uncrazy thing I've done my entire life)
  • Attempted a few too many unsuccessful recipes... some people say cooking relaxes them...however for me it does the opposite and usually ends in some expletive.
  • Decided Israel is the place where I will spend my next birthday. Hopefully it won't be in some prison nor will it involve handcuffs, torture or me with my kneecaps blown out.

This what I found on the internet when I typed in "ways to cure winter boredom".

I found this article that listed way to deal with the cold and at first I was like ok there's a few good ideas here... that is until I saw that the writer was from SACRAMENTO! SACRAMENTO! Listen lady, you have NO RIGHT to write articles with any sort of winter in the title when you live in SACRAMENTO! Someone should seriously take away your computer. Wussie. Make that ULTRA wussie. Sacramento... for Pete's sake.

Ok. I'm over it now.

Wait, no I'm not. People in California have no idea what Minnesotans go through during the winter time. People in California do not know what Winter is all about. They can never be JELLO. NEVER GONNA BE JELLO. Ok? Minnesota is JELLO. California is Creme Brulet.

Ok. I'm really over it now.

Minnesota will soon be break dancing into yet a long and overdue but highly welcome Spring. Some of us will weep for joy when that finally happens. If you see me breaking down on the side of the road some gorgeous spring afternoon, no worries. It's just a tradition. It'll all be over in about 5-10 minutes.

Cheers to Spring!

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  1. I had to comment on this...I used to watch that movie all the time and pray that would never happen to me...I'm beginning to wonder;) J/K.