Thursday, March 20, 2008

Maui Maui

I don't understand words that are repeated twice - like the fish Mahi Mahi. Isn't one Mahi enough?

However it's growing on me so don't mind if I repeat myself a few times. Maui Maui. Aloha Aloha.

Mahalo Mahalo. Out of my system. Wait, here's another one LOST LOST. It just doesn't work with words not related to Hawaii. But hey - I tried. And PS tonight I will be watching LOST on location.

What you say? That island below looks like the one on LOST? It sure does, doesn't it. A real live coconut. Turns out the juice tastes nasty. But watching the dude cut it with the knife like he was on Castaway was pretty darn cool.

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