Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Lessons Learned in Maui

The razor cap is there for a really good reason. Use it.

There are 2 types of vacation peoples. One is to be seen by others and the other is to just enjoy being on vacation.

Running in the morning and then sitting in the ocean with my running clothes on is my favorite.

The ocean is really salty!

When I don’t have my glasses and I go snorkeling with sea turtles and one comes up for air, I have a major freak out and think it's a shark.

Minnesota TV is just as good as Hawaii TV.

Step Up is a really dumb, embarrassing & badly acted movie.

Hawaiian shaved ice tastes so good when you get it for one dollar.

Those little sand crabs are really speedy!

I always miss my family on vacation no matter where I go.

The sand feels so good on my feet.

I fell in love all over again with the band TRAVIS.

My favorite book was discovered on Maui – The Undomestic Goddess.

Lava lavas are surprisingly comfortable!

Doing the time-share presentation got me 150 dollars to go shopping with!

The best place to lose your camera is on vacation with 25 other people.

Sea turtles travel in packs.

An entire new jewelry collection is necessary in the land of Maui.

The movie JAWS wrecked all chances for me ever making peace with the ocean. Stupid Spielberg.

The flame throwing thing didn’t impress me much. I’d rather sit and watch the sunset.

Some people should not wear bikinis. Or tube tops. Or Speedos.

The Maui vintage store is my favorite.

Chocolate covered macadamia nuts are DIVINE.

Everything tastes better in Maui. Mahi, mangoes, chocolate, clementines, McDonald’s sundaes.

A 25.00 towel card can get you as many towels as you want.

It’s possible to burn only the top of my forehead and the tips of my toes.

Humpback whales are really playful in March.

Ruth Chris Steak House has the best chocolate dessert I’ve ever had in my entire life.


  1. Did you possibly forget to put sunscreen SPF 60 on your forehead and toesies woesies?

  2. emily - i had spf 70! don't you know me at all?! ;)

  3. Thank you for the nice words!! I only wish I could charge 1 million dollars. :)